Northampton Show Committee


Mrs Dianne Hulme
Telephone: 9936 1050 or 0417 940 918 Fax: 9936 1005


Mrs Corinna Mulgrew Telephone: 0407 133 105

*The Show Office, situated at the Northampton News Office, Essex Street, Northampton, will be open between 10.00am and 4.00pm for the week prior to the Show.

Phone/Fax 9934 1510 Office Hours only.

All correspondence may be addressed to:
The Secretary
PO Box 207, Northampton WA 6535


Brian Ayers, Hayley Baikie, Stephanie Boyce, Scott Bridgeman, Neil Broadhurst, Lloyd Cripps, Joanne Luxton, Michelle Marshall, Karl Suckling, Roslyn Suckling, Elizabeth Sudlow, Garry Teakle, Graeme Teakle, Greg Teakle, Janice Walsh, Barbara Williams.


Mesdames Michelle Marshall (President) ph 0429 331 035, Judith Brockwell (Vice President) ph 9934 2890, Elizabeth Sudlow (Secretary) ph 0427 362 025, Heather Allen, Gwen Barnden, Brenda Broadhurst, Meg Brooks, Raylene Burns, Ursula Cripps, Marlo Elsum-Beaumont, Jenny Harris, Sheryle Hicks, Dianne Hulme, Joanne Luxton, Donna Malane, Hayley Marshall, Elaine Mitchell, Corinna Mulgrew, Bobbie Offer, Robynn Offer, Loretta Routledge, Denise Royce, Deanne Shaw, Margaret Simpson, Glenda Stanich, Kathy Suckling, Roslyn Suckling, Verity Triscari, Barbara Williams.

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